Plenarni predavatelji:

prof. dr. Stefan Zaefferer

Max-Planck Institute,
Head of "Microscopy and Difraction" research group

prof. dr. Sara Bals

University of Antwerp,
Electron microscopy group (EMAT)

Electron Tomography for Nanomaterials:
Colouring Atoms in 3 Dimensions

dr. Vukoman Jokanović

Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinča",
Scientific Advisor

Multilevel design of Nanomaterials for Application in Nanomedicine

prof. dr. Li Dianzhong

Institute of Metal Research, CAS Head of the Materials Process Modeling Division of Shenyng National Laboratory for Material Sciences

Inclusion Flotation - Driven Channel Segregation in Solidifying Steel

prof. dr. Andreas Ludwig 

Montanuniversitat Leoben, Department of Metallurgy

Simulation in Metallurgical Processing: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives

Vabljeni predavatelji:

assoc. prof. dr. Sašo Šturm

Jozef Stefan Institute, 
Senior researcher at
Department for nanostructured materials

Transmissions Electron Microscopy in Liquid 
Environments - a Powerful Tool for Dynamic Studies of 
Nucleation and Growth Phenomena 
of Nanomaterials 

Asist. prof. dr. Bojan Podgornik

Institute of Metals and Technology

Static and dynamic testing of Al alloys and effect of measurement uncertainty

Dr. -Ing. Volker Uhlenwinkel

IWT Bremen,
Head of Melt
Atomization and Spray Forming

Fundamentals and Applications
of Spray Forming

assoc. prof. dr. Serguei V. Savilov

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Chemistry Department

Main Features of Experimental Techniques for Carbon Nanomaterials Characterization